How to Identify Tree Diseases and Pests

Are you noticing some unusual signs in your beloved residential trees? Do they look like they’re struggling to survive? If so, they might be suffering from a tree disease or pest infestation. But fear not, because our certified arborists at SAFETY Tree Service are here to help with our top-notch tree care services.

When it comes to dealing with tree diseases and pests, it’s important to take action as soon as possible to prevent the problem from spreading and to save the tree if possible. And that’s where our complete tree services in Kansas City come in! Our expert arborists will assess the situation and recommend the best course of action for your tree. Keep reading to find out how to detect faulty trees and don’t hesitate to call us for help!

Assess The Tree’s Health

Trees that are struggling with diseases or pests may grow abnormally, such as distorted or stunted growth. If you see clusters of insects on your tree or notice that leaves are disappearing, it may be a sign of a pest problem. Additionally, fungi growing on the trunk, branches, or roots of a tree is a surefire sign that something is wrong.

Observe Signs of Damage

Keep an eye out for evidence of pests like aphids, mites, and other insects, as well as signs of damage from wildlife like squirrels, birds, or rabbits. If a tree is showing signs of decline, such as weak growth, poor foliage, and a general lack of vigor, it may be diseased or infested with pests.

Discoloration of Leaves

If you notice that your tree’s leaves are turning yellow, brown, or have spotted patterns, it may be a sign of a disease. When you suspect that your tree is sick, don’t hesitate to call us for a free estimate! Our safe tree services are available to you in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and we’re always ready to help.

Consult a Certified Arborist

If you suspect your tree may be diseased or infested with pests, it’s always best to consult with a certified arborist. At SAFETY Tree Services, our arborists are trained to identify tree hazards and recommend the best course of action, whether that be tree cutting, tree trimming, or safe tree removal.

Our safe tree services are available to you in the Kansas City metropolitan area, and we’re always ready to help. Contact SAFETY Tree Service to take care of your tree care needs, so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful landscape for years to come.

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  • Safety Tree Service did a great job trimming several elm and ash trees for me, as well as a few pin oaks. The pin oaks had various dead limbs that needed to be removed and other limbs that needed to be thinned. Ty did an excellent job removing the dead wood and trimming the trees, which helped reduce risk of damage from limbs falling and greatly improved the health and overall appearance of the trees. With the recent bad weather I’m glad I hired Ty as I’m confident one of the limbs would have come down on a power line. I received bids from multiple tree trimmers and Ty’s bid was very competitive and he was able to provide proof of insurance. Some of the other bidders offered lower prices but were not insured! I do recommend Ty to others as he did a great job for me.

    - Joel Y( Kansas City, Missouri Elm and Ash Tree Removal, February 2017 )
  • We needed a to have a couple of large trees removed from our yard. Safety Tree Service did a great job. They raked and collected everything and left us with a totally clean backyard. If we ever need any tree services in the future I will definitely contact you again.

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  • Safety Tree Service is always on time. They do what they say they are going to do. There is no smoke and mirrors with Safety Tree Service. I only recommend his company to all of my clients because I know he will treat them with respect and care.

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  • We use Ty and his staff at Safety Tree exclusively for all of our tree work referrals. Our company conducts grounds maintenance on a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. We have referred our customers to Ty because they continually tell me how exceptional their overall experience was with Safety Tree. I have heard everything from “experts”, to “very professional”, to “very skilled”, to “clean” and “fair” used to describe their encounters. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Safety Tree to any private or public entity or for any project regardless of scope or size.

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