Insect & Disease Control

Tree Disease Control In Kansas City

Our team at SAFETY Tree Service has seen tree disease and handled it quickly and safely since 2008. Regardless of how healthy a tree in Kansas City is, it can be susceptible to diseases. Common tree diseases in the area fall into two main categories:

  • Infectious tree diseases that can be transmitted from tree to tree via fungi, viruses, and bacteria.
  • Non-infectious tree diseases, which cannot be transmitted between trees and are instead caused by environmental stimuli such as poor soil composition, extreme weather, excess water, drought, or pollutants.

Tree diseases are very difficult for laymen to diagnose and properly treat. How can you tell whether your commercial tree’s browning leaves and failure to thrive are a result of a lack of nutrients or a bacterial infection? The answer is: call in our certified professional arborists! SAFETY’S tree service experts can examine and diagnose any tree disease you may be experiencing, and treat it without further harming the tree.

Killing the Insects Who Damage Your Trees

The Kansas City metropolitan area is home to countless insect species that can cause damage to your valuable commercial trees. From chewing on leaves and weakening branches to destroying flowers and contaminating fruit, these insects will harm your beloved trees. Insects you may encounter in or on your commercial trees include:

  • Boring insects (weevils, bark beetles, etc.) bore hundreds of tiny holes in the bark and leave sawdust-like material behind.
  • Sucking insects (leafhoppers, aphids, etc.) that suck the juice from leaves, fruit, and flowers, leaving behind discolored leaves and wilting branches.
  • Chewing insects (caterpillars, beetles, etc.) that chomp away at leaves and other parts of trees.
  • Beneficial insects (bees, butterflies, etc.) contribute to a tree’s healthy ecosystem.

Some insect-related tree damage is obvious (holes in the trunk, brown leaves, dead branches, etc.); some are subtle but still deadly. On the other hand, many insects are beneficial to commercial trees as they pollinate flowers or eat harmful aphids. How can you determine which bugs are hurting your trees? And, how can you kill them without harming beneficial insects or posing a safety hazard to the public? The answer is simple: SAFETY Tree Service’s arborists can help! Using the latest, most eco-friendly insecticides, an expert can eliminate harmful insects while avoiding negative side effects.

Kansas City’s Premiere Tree Experts

​​When you hire SAFETY, you are accessing Kansas City’s best resource for tree services, including diagnosing and treating tree illnesses caused by diseases or invasive insects. SAFETY’s professional arborists have been extensively trained in tree anatomy and physiology, and have a comprehensive knowledge of the many diseases and insects that can harm your trees. What’s more, SAFETY has over a decade of experience in nursing Kansas City’s trees back to health.

Are the Trees on Your Property Ailing? SAFETY Can Save Them!

Whether your trees are inexplicably dying or you are battling an insect outbreak, SAFETY Tree Service can help. Contact one of our Kansas City tree care experts 24/7 to schedule a free consultation. We promise to have your commercial trees healthy again in no time!

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What People Are Saying

  • Safety Tree Service did a great job trimming several elm and ash trees for me, as well as a few pin oaks. The pin oaks had various dead limbs that needed to be removed and other limbs that needed to be thinned. Ty did an excellent job removing the dead wood and trimming the trees, which helped reduce risk of damage from limbs falling and greatly improved the health and overall appearance of the trees. With the recent bad weather I’m glad I hired Ty as I’m confident one of the limbs would have come down on a power line. I received bids from multiple tree trimmers and Ty’s bid was very competitive and he was able to provide proof of insurance. Some of the other bidders offered lower prices but were not insured! I do recommend Ty to others as he did a great job for me.

    - Joel Y( Kansas City, Missouri Elm and Ash Tree Removal, February 2017 )
  • We needed a to have a couple of large trees removed from our yard. Safety Tree Service did a great job. They raked and collected everything and left us with a totally clean backyard. If we ever need any tree services in the future I will definitely contact you again.

    - Michael W( Kansas City, Missouri Tree Removal )
  • Safety Tree Service is always on time. They do what they say they are going to do. There is no smoke and mirrors with Safety Tree Service. I only recommend his company to all of my clients because I know he will treat them with respect and care.

    - Patrick F.( Kansas City, Missouri Tree Removal and Trimming, February 2017 )
  • We use Ty and his staff at Safety Tree exclusively for all of our tree work referrals. Our company conducts grounds maintenance on a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. We have referred our customers to Ty because they continually tell me how exceptional their overall experience was with Safety Tree. I have heard everything from “experts”, to “very professional”, to “very skilled”, to “clean” and “fair” used to describe their encounters. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Safety Tree to any private or public entity or for any project regardless of scope or size.

    - Tony C.( Olathe, KS Commercial Tree Services, January 2017 )