Residential Hazardous Tree Assessment

At SAFETY Tree Service, we’re proud to specialize in residential hazardous tree assessment services in Kansas City. Backed by years of experience, our team of arborists can help to determine what needs to happen with your tree. Ready to get the help you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate today.

The Risk of Tree Damage in Kansas City

Trees are an important part of any Kansas City home. But while they add beauty and value to a residence, they can also pose a potential safety risk. Because of trees’ height and weight, they can cause a lot of damage! Trees that are damaged in inclement weather or are simply not well maintained are liable to lose heavy branches, falling on any home, car, or a person unlucky enough to be under them. Even trees that appear sturdy can pose a risk in the form of broken branches or total trunk/root failure. Luckily it is easy to safeguard your property and your family with a little prevention. SAFETY Tree Service provides a hazardous tree assessment as part of our tree services in Kansas City. Continue reading to learn more about this assessment.

Stop Residential Tree Damage Before It Happens

Costly and catastrophic residential tree damage in Kansas City can be prevented with a hazardous tree assessment. At its most basic, a hazardous tree assessment is when a certified arborist:


Analyzes a tree’s structure to identify any potential weaknesses.


Surveys the area around the tree to identify any property that could be damaged by falling limbs.


Uses the above factors to determine a hazardous tree score.


If necessary, designs an intervention plan to fix the tree’s weakness and minimize the potential damage to the home or property.


Implements any corrective actions. The common interventions seen in Kansas City range from light pruning and cabling/bracing to, in extreme cases, tree and stump removal or tree cutting.

Avoid Expensive Property Damage With a Hazardous Tree Assessment From Safety Tree Service

Homeowners from Overland Park to Independence and beyond in Kansas City trust SAFETY’s tree services to make sure their trees survive inclement weather. Our experienced tree care experts conduct affordable, thorough hazardous tree assessments. Armed with comprehensive knowledge of tree biology, they can identify and fix any structural problems that could result in future residential damage. We guarantee to provide you with the best tree service in Kansas City.

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What People Are Saying

  • Safety Tree Service did a great job trimming several elm and ash trees for me, as well as a few pin oaks. The pin oaks had various dead limbs that needed to be removed and other limbs that needed to be thinned. Ty did an excellent job removing the dead wood and trimming the trees, which helped reduce risk of damage from limbs falling and greatly improved the health and overall appearance of the trees. With the recent bad weather I’m glad I hired Ty as I’m confident one of the limbs would have come down on a power line. I received bids from multiple tree trimmers and Ty’s bid was very competitive and he was able to provide proof of insurance. Some of the other bidders offered lower prices but were not insured! I do recommend Ty to others as he did a great job for me.

    - Joel Y( Kansas City, Missouri Elm and Ash Tree Removal, February 2017 )
  • We needed a to have a couple of large trees removed from our yard. Safety Tree Service did a great job. They raked and collected everything and left us with a totally clean backyard. If we ever need any tree services in the future I will definitely contact you again.

    - Michael W( Kansas City, Missouri Tree Removal )
  • Safety Tree Service is always on time. They do what they say they are going to do. There is no smoke and mirrors with Safety Tree Service. I only recommend his company to all of my clients because I know he will treat them with respect and care.

    - Patrick F.( Kansas City, Missouri Tree Removal and Trimming, February 2017 )
  • We use Ty and his staff at Safety Tree exclusively for all of our tree work referrals. Our company conducts grounds maintenance on a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. We have referred our customers to Ty because they continually tell me how exceptional their overall experience was with Safety Tree. I have heard everything from “experts”, to “very professional”, to “very skilled”, to “clean” and “fair” used to describe their encounters. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Safety Tree to any private or public entity or for any project regardless of scope or size.

    - Tony C.( Olathe, KS Commercial Tree Services, January 2017 )