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When a tree is removed from a residential site, the stump is usually left behind indefinitely due to the added time and money it takes to dispose of it. Because of this, many homeowners in Kansas City inherited at least one tree stump in their yard. Why is it so important to invest in residential stump removal? Homeowners in Kansas City decide to have their tree stumps removed by Safety Tree Service for a variety of reasons.

The Potential Risks and Obstacles of Tree Stumps

Tree stumps may seem harmless at first, but they can be dangerous and obstructive to your yard’s usability and maintenance. They can easily cause tripping hazards, damage your lawnmower or other equipment, or discourage creative landscaping opportunities. Additionally, tree stumps can attract insects, pests, and fungi, thereby infecting nearby trees and increasing the risk of infestation or disease spread. They can also soak up nutrients from the soil, making it difficult for other plants nearby to thrive.

They Can be Dangerous and Obstructive

You can easily trip or mow over a forgotten tree stump, and good luck trying to plant or construct anything else around them. Our stump removal tree services will ensure your path is free from any obstacles.

  • They Can be Unsanitary: An untreated tree stump will continue to decay for upwards of ten years. During this time, they can attract wood-boring insects or play host to tree diseases that can spread throughout your property. Keep your property’s health at its best with stump removal from SAFETY Tree Service.
  • They are an Eyesore: Decaying tree stumps will ruin the beautiful yard you have been cultivating. They can also sprout unsightly weeds and other vegetation. Our stump removal and tree cutting services in Kansas City will make sure your yard stays lush and aesthetically pleasing.


Homeowners in Kansas City have a variety of options for removing ugly tree stumps from their residential property, including:

Letting Nature Run Its Course

Within several years, tree stumps will naturally decay. While this process can be accelerated with a high-nitrate intervention, the process will still take a lot of time. This method also runs the risk of attracting insects, tree diseases, or sprouting vegetation.

Taking the Hands-On Approach

A direct but very labor-intensive option is physically removing the stump with tools such as chainsaws, axes, shovels, or even a truck and chain. This can be hazardous for people without the proper tools and experience. Luckily, SAFETY’s stump removal services take the load off for you!

Professional Stump Removal Services

There are various ways to remove a tree stump, each with its own benefits and limitations.

Options for Removing a Tree Stump professionally including:

Applying Chemicals

Stumps can be “dissolved” much more quickly with a concentrated potassium-nitrate solution. This intervention requires drilling holes in the stump so that the solution can penetrate its interior, then waiting a few weeks for the stump to soften. Then it can be removed manually much more easily. While this is faster and less laborious, it poses a risk to the environment; the chemicals can contaminate soil and groundwater, impacting nearby trees.

Stump Grinding

The preferred method of removing stumps is stump grinding. Grinding involves using a piece of equipment to grind the leftover trunk several inches below the surface of the ground. The resulting hole is then filled with soil and topped with grass seed, removing all evidence that the stump was ever there. Because stump grinding is fast, cost-effective, and easy, it is the most common technique used by Kansas City homeowners.


Tree stumps may seem like an insignificant eyesore in your yard, but they can pose serious challenges, risks, and frustrations for homeowners. Fortunately, stump removal is a fast, cost-effective, and worry-free way to enjoy a safer, healthier, and more beautiful yard. Here’s why you should consider investing in residential stump removal and hiring professionals like Safety Tree Service to handle the job.

Stump grinders can be tricky and hazardous to use if you are not experienced. The best course of action is to hire a trusted local tree care company to remove your tree stump for you. SAFETY Tree Service has been providing precise and thorough stump removal throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area since 2008. Our professionals can remove any stump, large or small, in a matter of hours so that you can enjoy your yard to the fullest in no time! We can also provide you with other tree care services, including tree trimming and tree cutting services for your Kansas City home. Contact us to get started.

Why Choose Safety Tree Service Stump Removal?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of safe and efficient stump removal, it’s best to entrust the job to professionals like Safety Tree Service. Here’s what you can expect from our residential stump removal services:

  • Expertise: Our trained and experienced technicians will assess your property and stump to determine the best removal approach and minimize the risk of damage, accidents, or delays.
  • Equipment: We use specialized equipment designed for stump grinding, allowing us to remove stumps of any size or location with minimal mess or disruption.
  • Safety: We handle all necessary safety precautions to protect ourselves, your property, and your loved ones during the removal process.
  • Cleanup: We’ll clear the debris and fill the hole with soil or other materials to restore your yard’s appearance and functionality.

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  • Safety Tree Service did a great job trimming several elm and ash trees for me, as well as a few pin oaks. The pin oaks had various dead limbs that needed to be removed and other limbs that needed to be thinned. Ty did an excellent job removing the dead wood and trimming the trees, which helped reduce risk of damage from limbs falling and greatly improved the health and overall appearance of the trees. With the recent bad weather I’m glad I hired Ty as I’m confident one of the limbs would have come down on a power line. I received bids from multiple tree trimmers and Ty’s bid was very competitive and he was able to provide proof of insurance. Some of the other bidders offered lower prices but were not insured! I do recommend Ty to others as he did a great job for me.

    - Joel Y( Kansas City, Missouri Elm and Ash Tree Removal, February 2017 )
  • We needed a to have a couple of large trees removed from our yard. Safety Tree Service did a great job. They raked and collected everything and left us with a totally clean backyard. If we ever need any tree services in the future I will definitely contact you again.

    - Michael W( Kansas City, Missouri Tree Removal )
  • Safety Tree Service is always on time. They do what they say they are going to do. There is no smoke and mirrors with Safety Tree Service. I only recommend his company to all of my clients because I know he will treat them with respect and care.

    - Patrick F.( Kansas City, Missouri Tree Removal and Trimming, February 2017 )
  • We use Ty and his staff at Safety Tree exclusively for all of our tree work referrals. Our company conducts grounds maintenance on a wide variety of residential and commercial properties. We have referred our customers to Ty because they continually tell me how exceptional their overall experience was with Safety Tree. I have heard everything from “experts”, to “very professional”, to “very skilled”, to “clean” and “fair” used to describe their encounters. I would not hesitate at all to recommend Safety Tree to any private or public entity or for any project regardless of scope or size.

    - Tony C.( Olathe, KS Commercial Tree Services, January 2017 )